Matthew is the youngest of our three boys. He has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disorder Complex I and III, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, FTT and Glucose Intolerance. He has been through countless tests and procedures in the past 8 years . We do not know what the future holds for him, but we are going to do our best to cherish every day with him. Stay strong little man.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Wednesday morning, we went Blueberry picking .
Friends of ours joined us and everyone had a good time. Matthew loves to pick anything food related. Of course, he ate more than he picked.Later on in the afternoon, Gina (his PT) was able to get him into the pool. It took some time and he wasn't the happiest camper, but he got into his little doggy float and went around the pool a few times with Gina. I was very proud of him.
Matthew also received a special surprise in the mail this week. Online friends of ours sent him some new ponies. He just loves them . Thank you Gabi and Mikey!!!

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