Matthew is the youngest of our three boys. He has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disorder Complex I and III, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, FTT and Glucose Intolerance. He has been through countless tests and procedures in the past 8 years . We do not know what the future holds for him, but we are going to do our best to cherish every day with him. Stay strong little man.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Matthew came home early from school this past Tuesday and Wednesday . He was feeling dizzy and having headaches. I brought him to his pediatrician on Wednesday afternoon. She was concerned that his resting HR lying down was around 106 and his standing HR was in the 140's. She wanted us to let his doctors in Boston know since this can be another sign of dehydration. His labs from Monday also showed a low K level and an elevated CO2 . On a good note , he stayed in school full days the past two days. We are holding off on giving him the extra water boluses through his J tube to see if it has anything to do with the dizzy spells. Matthew said that he still feels dizzy, but said its better than it was earlier in the week.

Steven is still not well. He went back to the doctors on Monday and is out of school for another month or until we get his medical issues figured out. He needs a GI and cardiology workup done. He will be going inpatient at our local hospital on Monday. He has lost over 16 pounds, feels dizzy and is not able to eats foods other than a bland diet of bagels, toast etc. We are hoping that we get some answers and that its an easy solution.  He is missing his friends and school.

A few pictures from Matthew's last inpatient stay in Boston
 Matthew's friend Aomar Naittalb from MGH :)