Matthew is the youngest of our three boys. He has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disorder Complex I and III, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, FTT and Glucose Intolerance. He has been through countless tests and procedures in the past 8 years . We do not know what the future holds for him, but we are going to do our best to cherish every day with him. Stay strong little man.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I can not believe it's almost August already. The summer is flying by. Matthew loves his new adaptive bike. He has also been back in the pool and relearning how to swim a bit. He is able to swim underwater about 6 feet back to the ladder. He enjoyed camping even though he came back home at night. It was easier to do his meds etc at home. A good share of his summer days in between outings has been spent relaxing on the couch with his ipad and beanie babies.
Matthew had allergy testing done last week . He was tested for environmental things like trees, grass, dogs, cats etc and he did not show an allergy to any of them . He was also retested for eggs and nuts since he had an allergic reaction a few years ago from cracking the shells of some mixed nuts during the holidays. We were never sure what nut caused the reaction. Well, he still shows an allergy to eggs but he reacted to the nuts more. Within 5 minutes, the skin test marks were big hives and after 10 minutes , the hives started to blend into each other and he also started to get hives on other parts of his arm. They concluded that he reacted to all tree nuts, peanuts and  coconut.  He was very itchy and said the hives hurt when he touched them. They eventually started to go away and after two days , they were gone.
Tomorrow , Matthew is having a Gastric Emptying Scan done at our local hospital. His last scan was over 4 years ago . Matthew so desperately wants to be able to eat solid food even if just a few tiny bites. This test will give us a little more updated  information about how well if anything his stomach empties food. He is super excited to be allowed to eat oatmeal tomorrow for the test even knowing that it is probably going to cause stomach pain. We will not be able to vent his stomach at all until the test is complete. This usually is at least 4 hours long.
We will also be going to Boston on August 13. It will be a short stay for just a few appointments. He will have more appointments in September and again in December.


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